Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Weekly List of Top 10 Twitter Posts — Week 46

Wow, time flew crazy fast this week thanks to the flurry of excitement at Fab Tech! Good times. Before heading into the weekend, we'd like to share some noteworthy tweets culled from our very robust Twitter feed @BWCnews and the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily curated newsletter. If you don't follow us now, why not? Give us a shot... all the cool kids are doing it.

1. Robots Creating Jobs for Humans via the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Robots entered the industrial world to relieve people of repetitive tasks — they do actions quicker and more accurately than humanly possible. Because of their ability to outshine us, people used to worry that they'd put folks out of work. Well, that myth's been repeatedly busted. This study, for example, shows that industrial robots will actually add millions of jobs in the near future for a variety of industries including plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging, food and beverage and automotive because they reduce costs and improve efficiency for manufacturers. That cost-saving and improved productivity is bound to have a ripple effect, so that's good news for every industry!

2. A Pocket Chainsaw? via Product Design & Development: Sock this Think Geek gadget away as a holiday gift idea for that guy or gal on the go. We're talkin' 28 inches of heat-treated steel you can use to cut stuff like firewood or, uh, sandwiches.

3. High Unemployment and Few Qualified Candidates? It's a Teachable Moment via Industry Week: It's a question bandied about in news stories and among manufacturing executives — how can the national jobless rate teeter that close to the double digits yet so many manufacturing positions remain unfilled? This article says the discrepancy underscores the importance of reinforcing science, math and technology in elementary school education to prevent a second generation of skills shortage. Very informative read!

4. What Happens When You Crack an Egg Underwater? on YouTube: Probably something you'd never type into a search engine, but now that you're curious, check out this quick little video of some underwater egg-cracking. Kind of cool how it floats off like some bright yellow jellyfish!

Mo taking a lunch break after a busy day at Fab Tech.
5. Mo's Adventures at Fab Tech on Storify: People! Have you met Mo, the latest powerhouse addition to the Bishop-Wisecarver team? He's our go-to guide wheel when we need some direction, like help navigating the maze that was Fab Tech this week. Since we had so much fun getting our move on with Mo, we memorialized it in this photographic timeline. Cute, isn't he?

6. The 100 Best Innovations of the Year according to Popular Science: The future is now, you guys, and this list confirms it. This article highlights some of the most incredible technological and engineering feats of 2011, from the world's longest train tunnel to the U.S. military's fully autonomous drones. Amazing stuff!

7. Science Ink: A Taxonomy of Tattoos Inspired by Science also on Popular Science: A cool mash-up of art and science here! Check out this photo gallery of science-inspired body art, from an inked-on rendering of the brain's neural network to the makeup of a luvic acid molecule. Very interesting!

Metallic microlattice/Credit: Dan Little
8. World's Lightest Material Developed posted on This metal formed from a teeny tiny lattice of hollow tubes is incredibly resilient because of its lightness. This new material "redefines the limits of lightweight," the article reads. It'll be interesting to see what uses lie in store for it!

9. Why Manufacturers Need Flex Time on BWC President Pamela Kan makes the case for allowing California manufacturers to offer flex time to their employees. What's your take on the issue? And what does your state say about allowing flex time?

10. Sustaining Lean? Stay Thirsty, My Friends via the Bishop-Wisecarver Daily: Interesting post on how companies can stay motivated to improve efficiency. It's important to keep setting new goals, understand that you work with people not Energizer Bunnies and regularly audit the way employees manage their time. Your thoughts?