Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Weekly List of Top Ten Twitter Posts - Week 41

Every week some interesting photo, article or news catches our eye on Twitter. Whether it's a RT from someone we follow or something we found on our own while cruising the internet, it's worthy of another good share. This is our weekly Friday blog (starting today - woo hoo) of our top ten favorite Twitter posts worth mentioning a second time!

1. "Engineer, That's How I Roll" T-Shirt on Zazzle: Very cool! The graphic is awesome and the message is even better. Check out this online store where you can buy all sorts of swanky threads that show your pride. Not cheap at $35.75 a shirt, but definitely not as expensive as that degree you earned!

2. "Trust me, I'm an Engineer" on Facebook: Hilarious wall posts! Go check it out!

3. "The Innovative Manufacturer" from the Digital Manufacturing Report: Innovation! We hear this word a lot, but what does it really mean? This article talks about how we throw this word around without really paying attention to its meaning.

4. "Muffineering Cupcake Cars" on PD&D: These sweet treats on wheels are hot, and while at the Bay Area Makerfaire earlier this year, our team got a close look at how very cool these cars really are when in motion.

5. "Success: What it Really Looks Like" on Tumblr: Isn't that the truth? Hilarious! Love this image share found on Facebook this week.

6. "Big and Fuzzy" on SciSpy: Yikes! Here's a photo to give you the chills during this holiday season. Patrick Mulligan from Arizona posted this photo of a furry tarantula found in his backyard. Gulp.

7. "PopSci's 10th Annual Brilliant 10" on This fabulous article features ten of the best and brightest who have been shaking things up with some very great achievements. From new forms of geometry to butterfly pharmacology, you'll love this online read.

8. "RSA Animate - The Divided Brain Trailer" on the RSA YouTube Channel: One of my favorite channels on YouTube by far. Great animations and grand topics for some really good discussion starters. Looking forward to the newest one which we be posted on Oct 21st, 2011.

9. "Scrap Steel Tubing Makes a Water Feature" on Weld Crafts: Beautiful! Check out this very cool square tubing used to make a spout for a recirculating fountain. It's all about recycling and reusing these days, and that's a job well done!

10. "Manufacturing Tech Grads In High Demand In Northern KY" from Manufacturing Business Technology: Are you in high demand? If you're a tech grad who specializes in manufacturing then you are in luck! Check out this article to learn more about why!