Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reducing Maintenance Costs While Exceeding Accuracy Expectations: Low Profile Linear Solution Using DualVee®

Linear motion solution needed for a multi-head water jet cutting on a 4’ x 6’ bed and a single head on a 10’ x 20’ bed in a highly abrasive environment with load requirements of 200 pounds, slow speeds and a moderate duty cycle.

The recirculating ball bearing linear guides were rapidly wearing from contamination, causing extreme loss of accuracy. Numerous replacements of the linear guides and costly fabric covers were constantly driving up the cost of maintenance and increasing downtime.

Solution: Replacement of the recirculating ball bearing guides with DualVee guide wheel technology eliminated contamination as a reason of failure. Since way covers are not needed, this eliminated another expensive cost. After the installation of the LoPro® basic systems, productivity rose -- the machines “ran better than they ever had, even when they were new.” 

According to the Maintenance Supervisor, “This application has exceeded Bishop-Wisecarver’s stated accuracy. Accuracy for this system has consistently been within .0005.”

Products Used: LoPro size 2 utilizing DualVee Motion Technology®