Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharing the Reality of MS: Motion Without Limits

Meet Chris Crawford in our latest webisode series (four parts) as he talks about supporting his sister Bonnie and her fight against Multiple Sclerosis. As an annual cyclist in the Bike MS Five River Ride (Oregon Chapter), Chris has built many friendships and memories that he's offered to share with Bishop-Wisecarver as one of his corporate sponsors.

"People are presented with so many worthwhile causes to support, so many that they can become detached from what the cause is really all about.  In order to stand out and make a difference to them, we believe it has to be made personal.  They have to see our own level of commitment and sacrifice.  They have to understand that it is personal to us. Here you can see an individual with a terrible disease and her family's efforts to help the cause.  Our supporters know Bonnie's story.  They know what she is about, what she struggles with and what the MS Ride experience is all about.  They know they have helped us over the years raise over $250,000!  An amazing amount of money.  They know that their support makes a difference in Bonnie's life and the lives of others connected to this event.  This reality needs to be shared.  People need to be able to connect to this cause in a personal way, and know how much we appreciate their financial support.  It truly makes a difference.  When you see and feel that you are inspiring hope in others, it touches your heart.  By making it personal, our supporters can see that they too are helping create hope for a cure." - Chris Crawford