Monday, April 18, 2011

Smooth, Reliable Motion Required in Gritty Environment

Challenge: With metal shavings flying everywhere during production, the problem of clogging wheels and track only intensify with cutting fluids. Shavings stick to all surfaces, making it difficult to smoothly open and close heavy machine tool doors. To solve this problem, this machine tool manufacturer needed a vee shaped wheel design with an unmatched "wiping" action.

Solution: Using DualVee Motion Technology® combined with our ability to offer assorted materials and track plating options, this manufacturer chose to use a size-3 combination of guide wheels and track to handle the rigors of doors opening and closing many times throughout the day in an extremely harsh environment.

With easy adjustment, these off-the-shelf bushings provide proper fit and installation. Fit-up time is minimized as well. The same size-3 wheel and track technologies were also used in the vertical mounting of the tool changer because of the load capabilities and rigidity that DualVee offers.

Reciprocating bearing technology clogs up with the oils and metal debris in machining operations, but not DualVee — ideal for machine doors, tool changers and bar feeders. From light to heavy loads, learn more about what this linear motion technology can do for you on our website.

Products used: Size-3 DualVee wheels, size-3 carbon steel track with black oxide plating, and both concentric and eccentric bushings