Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smooth Motion Needed for Medical Analyzer Equipment

Why did this company choose to use DualVee Motion Technology® from Bishop-Wisecarver for their medical analyzer application? Smooth motion -- find out how this challenge was solved.

Challenge: Smooth, reliable guided motion needed for medical equipment design.

Application Description: The analyzer is designed for viral, bacterial, or chemical analysis of body fluids. It detects the presence of any number of infectious agents or trace elements of drugs.

Solution: Utilizing two stationary and one eccentric wheel, DualVee® technology was selected to move the reagent (assay) strips into position for the passing scanner. The scanner is mounted using four journal assemblies. Bishop-Wisecarver products manage both the relative movement of the tray and the precise movement of the scanner. DualVee Motion Technology exhibits performance characteristics most often associated with medical equipment design – smooth, low noise, and reliable antifriction guidance.

Product Used: Size 1 DualVee sealed wheels, concentric bushings, eccentric bushings and journal assemblies