Monday, February 28, 2011

Drilling of Slots in Vinyl Fencing Using a Chain Driven Actuated Linear Guide

Why did this company use a chain driven LoPro linear guide for their vinyl fence production machine? Fast delivery, superior contamination protection, repeatability and long length availability -- learn more about why LoPro® met the challenge and even exceeded the customer's expectations.

• Customer's request for one-week delivery was crucial
• Performance at a reasonable cost
• Linear bearings able to withstand vinyl chip contamination
• Match a required repeatability of +/- .010"
• Travel length requirement of 14 feet

Application Description: Vinyl fencing (which does not require scraping or repainting) is pre-cut to length and pre-slotted so fence components can be strapped together quickly and easily, and placed in the ground or on decks. LoPro is used to push vinyl fence components into a drill press that creates slots so that the consumer can assemble the components into a fence/railing. With a servomotor attached, LoPro provides precise positioning of multiple slots on a single vinyl part.

• Bishop-Wisecarver production committed to a one week delivery
• Wiper wheel carriage as an option on the LoPro provided superior contaminate protection
• The LoPro chain’s standard +/- .008" repeatability exceeded the customer’s expectations
• 14 feet of travel was no problem

Products Used: Chain Driven LoPro Linear Guide

Check out this video demonstrating how the chain driven LoPro linear guide can handle tough conditions, from metal shavings to wood chips.


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