Monday, January 24, 2011

"We Are Getting Better and Better" Meet FTC Team #3470

Team #3470 from Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA just competed in a regional competition early this month, and although the students won't be traveling to the national competition, they've made major triumphs since their first year participating. Get to know the students, hear about their experiences and meet their robot named Morty.

Student Micheal Kinstcher says, "Each year we go on, it seems like we are getting better and better. I mean, every year we work on different things, like last year, I think it was just getting the robot down, programmed out in the field. And this year, more of the focus was on actually being that competitive level, so that way we could go out there and score points and be a match for the other teams. I first saw the robotics competition, the nationals, aired on TV a few years back, and ever since, I have wanted to be on a team, and now that I am actually on a team, it's actually really cool. Kind of being out there and seeing something you built and created go out there come to life and move around and do what you want it to do."

Follow along with Michael and his fellow robotics club members led by robotics instructor Rob Pardi. To learn more about FIRST, click here.