Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Test Your Word Search Skills!

Can you solve the Bishop-Wisecarver word search? Thought you might enjoy a mid-week brain teaser to keep your mind in motion -- without limits! Might even give out a couple WD40 pens to the first five people who leave a blog comment saying they finished (I've got the answer key).

[ click here ] to get your very own PDF copy

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation is a woman owned manufacturer with a specialization in linear, rotary, and curved track guided motion technology, as well as, custom engineered solutions. Visit us online at and connect with us through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.


  1. Loved the puzzle finally completed it lol. Great Newsletter. Very informative and I even learned a few things. Loved the videos

    Lisa Hughes
    PEKO Precision

  2. Thanks Lisa! You're the first to have finished the puzzle. Right on :) You've got a WD40 pen coming your way soon!

  3. Okay you got me.
    Finally got the puzzle finished.
    (But it took 2 of us to find them all)
    Thanks great Newsleeter.
    Applied Industrial Technologies

  4. Awesome! You rock, Mike. Claim your WD40 pen :) Email me at with your mailing address.

  5. It took me till today to get through the word search! Tough One! Great Job!


  6. Great job Laura! Send me an email with your mailing address because you've got a WD40 pen coming your way!


  7. I hope everyone enjoyed their WD40 pens!

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  9. Thank you so much for your support! We very much love what we do and I am happy to hear that it shows through in our blog :)

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