Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Custom Pipe Cutting Machine Gets Intricate

Challenge: A manufacturer known for building and utilizing the most up-to-date motion-control systems for pipe cutting needed linear guide wheels, straight track and curved segments for their custom computer operated machinery. The company required linear bearing and track components to move an air cylinder up and down, as well as side to side motion to keep large pipe of various lengths in line for cutting. A ring segment and journal component were needed to move the cutting head in a variety of positions as it cuts different beveled angles into the pipe.

Application Description:
Using an innovative floating headstock and cutting head design, the machines use a two or four axis control to create fast, intricate curved, straight and custom cuts in extreme temperatures, humidity and vibration – a process that normally take hours to layout by hand. Since time is of the essence in this fast paced environment, it was important that the components were long-lasting and maintenance free.

Solution: DualVee Motion Technology® from Bishop-Wisecarver provides long-lasting, durable motion with very little maintenance required. The linear guide wheels and track allow for high repeatability and are capable of withstanding high speeds under extreme environment conditions. The HepcoMotion PRT2 ring segments exclusively from Bishop-Wisecarver allow for the cutting heads to rotate in an arc like fashion, creating difficult custom pipe cuts without worry of inaccuracy.