Monday, October 18, 2010

Keepin' It Cool with DualVee® -- Food Processing Equipment

The challenge? An ice cream manufacturing company had a carton pusher application which required a corrosion resistant bearing component capable of handling high speeds and smooth motion. Containers filled with ice cream are placed into position for the final stage of packaging and loading into shipping boxes. As the carton pusher shoves the containers into the boxes, the components of the pusher are coming into contact with melted ice cream, therefore causing potential corrosion to the exposed parts.

The solution! Bishop-Wisecarver’s stainless steel DualVee® guide wheels, with their sealed bearing design and low drag coefficient, proved to be the ideal solution for this demanding application. Designed specifically for excellent resistance to corrosion and compatibility with FDA standards, Bishop-Wisecarver’s off-the-shelf stainless steel wheels and track not only provide the perfect solution for the food and beverage industry but also for any extreme environment packaging application. A variety of material options such as metals, coatings and grease can be specified to achieve superior performance.

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