Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DualVee® Handles Weld Splatter & Metal Chips

Challenge: Rugged, robust design capable of operating in weld splatter, metal chips, and more with maximizing speed a key consideration.

Application Description: Large assembly welding jig to aid in the construction of truck body and door panels.

Solution: Using DualVee components allows this user to build a series of custom slides that permit simple dimensional changes and rapid set-up from one panel to the next, while maintaining acceptable accuracy and repeatability.

Product Used: DualVee size W4 wheels and track, and bushings

[ Learn more ] about Bishop-Wisecarver's mechanical solutions using DualVee guides wheels, track and custom options. We can move your imagination.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That's a Nice Shirt!

Jason from IWEARYOURSHIRT is wearing a DualVee shirt today!

How cool is that?

The I Wear Your Shirt team is helping us kick-off our 60th anniversary today. Check Jason and Evan out on there website.

Here a link to the blog about BWC.

We will be giving away t-shirts just like his, WD40 pens and other cool stuff today! Follow us on Twitter @BWCnews

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Patented DualVee® Washdown Linear Guide Wheel

Bishop-Wisecarver offers stainless steel washdown guide wheels with FDA approved grease. This patented design is ideal for applications in food and beverage processing, dairy, package handling, autoclaves, sterilization processes, lab and pharmaceutical. Sealed and shielded for added protection. Check out our latest video! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LoPro, DualVee, UtiliTrak -- Oh My!

A photo share from Pamela Kan.

Bishop-Wisecarver on display at HepcoMotion's booth #1001 in hall 1 at Motek in Germany!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Motek in Stuttgart, Germany

A photo share from Pamela Kan at Motek in Stuttgart, Germany!

In this photo, our DualVee® product line at the TEA booth #5416 in hall #5.

Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings Used by the Egyptians?

Discovered some fun reading material this morning on mechanical bearings, and thought it might be fun to share.

In the "Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Volume 27" by American Society of Mechanical engineers on page 441, I found this excerpt...

[ VIEW ] the original source: "Both ball and roller bearings are of hoary origin. The rollers used under a block of stone by the ancient Egyptians and in exactly the same way under the skids of a crate containing the latest product of the modern machine shop show familiarly the advantage of the substitution of rolling for sliding friction."

So, the essence of bearing technology dates to the Egyptians! Neat! The book goes on with more information that I bet you'll find interesting -- dips deeper into what led to the creation of ball and roller bearings. Give it a look!

For some other great history info on the evolution of mechanical bearings, check out the history section on the Wikipedia page about bearings.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life of an Inventor Webisode Series, Up to 8 Videos!

Here is the latest installment from our webisode series of Bud Wisecarver.

Video quote clip from Bud: "If you don't have a toolmaker, you haven't anything. It doesn't matter how many philosophers you have, how many great engineers you have -- you don't have a toolmaker, you don't have anything. Even in the most primitive societies, the people who could make arrowheads, the toolmakers, they were the prize people."

[ VIEW ] the other seven webisodes!

HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System: Solar Tube Transfer


The HepcoMotion HDS2 Heavy Duty Slide System exclusively from Bishop-Wisecarver is being used for the transfer of solar tubes from one palette to another palette. The connected carriages travel 6 meters back and forth. The HDS2 product line exclusively from Bishop-Wisecarver -- large increased load capacity bearings, construction beams in two sizes, single edge v slides and flat track, and a variety of drive options. Stainless steel and corrosion resistant components come standard, making this product line an ideal solution for many high load applications.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VIDEO: Custom Linked Carriage System With Screw Drive

Bogie carriages linked by adjustable connecting rods include rollers that engage with a drive screw, creating intermittent or continuous motion. The drive screw is made of a high quality, cam grade engineering plastic providing durability in demanding, high speed applications (up to 3 m/s). From low to high working loads, virtually any track path can be created using our wide range of rotary motion components and guides. The possibilities are endless.