Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UtiliTrak® Linear Guides for Packaging Equipment

From filling to material transfer, from food products to industrial parts, UtiliTrak is available in three configurations for complete versatility for the broad and diverse packaging industry.

* With speeds up to 5.5 m/s * Acceleration to 5 g's for increased throughput * Low noise, low vibration * Lubed for life to keep equipment up and running * Self-cleaning action sweeps paper dust and other debris from the track * Corrosion resistant options available for food packaging and handling applications * Long length systems for transfer between processes or conveyor lines *

UtiliTrak is ideal for running two systems in parallel, and the vee side serves as the motion guide while the roller side compensates for parallel misalignment. Bridge connections now available!

Learn more about our three configurations: PW Series, SW Series, CR Series >>

CUSTOMER APPLICATION STORY: UtiliTrak® delivers stability and smooth operation
for the medical industry -- Custom five-wheel carriage increases load capacity needed for
“easy-to-guide” vertical motion. Read the full story here!