Friday, May 21, 2010

HepcoMotion® SL2: Stainless Steel Based Slide System

HepcoMotion® SL2 is a stainless steel based slide system that is corrosion resistant, flexible and durable.

With up to 4m in length and clean room compatible, SL2 can be used in a variety of application environments. Use SL2 interchangeability with GV3 components consisting of stainless steel bearing assemblies, flat slides and spacer slides. Light-weight aluminum carriage plates and flange clamps are also available, with special surface treatment that provide corrosion resistance exceeding most stainless steels. This process is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in food processing machinery. From food processing to scientific equipment, many applications have benefited from SL2’s smooth, precise, low friction movement and long service life with added corrosion resistance. Durability in the most demanding of operating conditions is what makes the SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System your sure linear motion solution.

• Single slide piece length up to 4 meters
• Clean room compatible
• Assembled units or components available
• Eliminate dirt traps with plastic plugs
• Can operate dry with no lubrication

Application Example (Bottle Filling Machine): SL2 system is used for vertical and horizontal guidance on a bottle filling machine in the cosmetics industry. Spacer slides are shown fixed to the machine structure on the horizontal axis. Short undrilled spacer slides are used on the vertical axis supported one end only by long type flange clamps.

Alternatively, bearing assemblies and cap seals can be mounted direct to the moving components of the machine. Care should be taken to ensure parallelism of opposing slides during installation. Twin type bearing assemblies can be used throughout in cases where there may be slight misalignment of opposing slides.

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