Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Ergonomic With LoPro® // Automotive Customer Story

Automotive Ergonomics and Efficiency [ View FULL PDF version ]

Challenge: Customer needed to eliminate 30 feet of air hose. This was a dangerous situation with the possibility of tangling and tripping over the hoses. The Assembler has the weight of tools and parts to manage while moving along with the car body.

Application Description: Operator Assist moves along with the car body and carries fasteners, air tools, and fixtures as it tracks along the Skuk line. Spring loaded, the carriage automatically returns to the starting position, eliminating need for operator to handle weight of tools and fixtures.

Solution: LoPro was the ideal system in allowing for a more efficient and ergonomic assembly process. The decision to go with Bishop-Wisecarver’s LoPro was made because not only is it much easier to mount, but it also runs smoother and quieter than other guided motion technologies.

Products Used: LoPro size 4 wheel plate and track

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